BULAWAYO: Zodwa Wabantu does not dance naked, according to her Bulawayo twin Trino Bambina.

Trino Bambina, who won a competition at Club Connect in Bulawayo as she was voted as the best Zodwa Wabantu impersonator, told the Chronicle that :“Zodwa does not walk around naked like what people think. She only said she doesn’t wear a panty as it makes her uncomfortable. How will people know if she isn’t wearing a panty? She will be fully clothed when she does her dance.,”

She went on to say Anne Nhira was mistaken to call for the South African dancer to be banned from Harare Carnival and should not interfere in Zodwa’s business.

“Anne Nhira prematurely judged Zodwa as we don’t know what Zodwa will be wearing during the carnival. Personally I believe it’s all about expressing yourself as a woman,” she added.