The UK has given 13 scholarships to Zimbabwean students.

In an announcement at a function United Kingdom’s Harare embassy said it is hopeful about Zimbabwe’s future and promises to continue invest in the development of the Southern African country’s human resources.

This pledge was given by the British ambassador to Zimbabwe, Catriona Laing, in Harare last week when she was hosting a farewell party for 13 young Zimbabweans who are going to study in the UK.

The UK envoy in Harare says out of over 800 students who applied to be considered for the Chevening scholarship programme only 13 succeeded.

She says this was so because of the increased number of applications they received which also invited more competition.

Freelance sports reporter Grace Chirumhanzu, is one of the 13 scholars leaving for the UK.

She has been enrolled at the Birmingham city university where she will be taking a master’s degree in multi-platform and mobile journalism.

In her remarks at the event ambassador Laing, says the selection process was cumbersome.

“This Chevening programme is a real demonstration of the UK’s commitment to the people of Zimbabwe, and it is about our investment in the human resources of the future of Zimbabwe,” says the UK Harare envoy.

“They were 1500 potential future leaders studying under this prestigious programme this year from around the world Zimbabwe included,” she says.