Fungayi Moyana

A policeman in Buhera was brought to the books after stealing six roadrunner chickens on different occasions at Apostolic Church Ministries in Bikita.

Obey Murozvi(28) a member of the ZRP Constabulary from Chipwanyira Village under Chief Nyashanu allegedly stole six chickens on different occasions.

Murozvi could sneak into the church yard pretending to come for prayer sessions and when the church members would all go inside the church building he would sneak out and go straight to the chicken run and steal the chicken and disappear.

Murozvi hit rock bottom when he had a misunderstanding with his wife Fungai Bvirindi over infidelity, his wife went straight to the pastor John Makura and confessed her husband’s sins.

The chickens belonged to Bornwell Manyama a church member who was furious and went straight to the police.

Murozvi was arrested when he reported for duty and is still in police custody.

The value of stock is $50 dollars and nothing was recovered, Murozvi denied the allegations and is set to appear in court on the 2nd of June.