…puts social media use under direct State House surveillance

Political Reporter- Simba Moyo

The ruling party and its leader, President Robert Mugabe is more than ready for the much anticipated 2018 Zimbabwe elections, while other parties were busy grandstanding as he would like to call it, the old pilot was busy oiling his machinery which could be 90% ready for deployment now.

Mugabe has already tested it in the by-elections that were held Bikita West, Mwenezi East, and in other recent by-elections with scenes of politically motivated violence, vote buying recorded, as he measure its effectiveness. This gave him more time to trial run, and make corrections in areas where he would have lost like in Norton, where he instituted a witch-hunt, as to why the party lost.

Political commentator Elder Mabhunu says after recently have noticed how social media has been used by citizens to challenge his misrule, Mugabe has now put social media under direct ‘State House’ surveillance, when he appointed his daughter Mrs Bona Chikore into the Censorship Board, where she is in charge of protecting the brand ‘Mugabe.’

“This appointment is a calculated one, he is now 90% ready for elections, as Mugabe is now sure that the social media which recently gave him headache to deal with is now under direct State House surveillance,” says Mabhunu.

He adds that all the odds are favouring Mugabe; he says first he used violence, then food for votes, as well as making sure that ZEC has commissioners who are his agents, finally he has made important appointments in the Censorship Board, and that he is now more than ready for polls than any other political party in the race.

In his Africa Day message yesterday, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai admitted that it is not going to be easy to unseat Mugabe despite his failed policies and old age, calling for the continent stand with the nation and see to it that the elections are held under a free and fair conducive environment.

Meanwhile, on separate occasions, analysts have pointed out how hard it will be for opposition parties in the country to unseat Mugabe from the throne he is working day and night to consolidate.

PTUZ leader Raymond Majongwe recently added his voice that dislodging Mugabe will not be easy, as all the odds on the ground are favouring his continued stay at State House.

Even the Mass Public Opinion and Africanbarometer, ‘a think-tank’ have also made similar sentiments, the two institutions believe Mugabe is feared to the extent that people especially in rural areas are forced to love him in order to save their throats.

Be that as it may, the ZEC is being blamed of being a section or extension of the ruling party, as it has some elements like CIOs, army personnel, and others who are sympathetic to ZANU PF. They were allegedly planted by the ruling party to manipulate elections in its favour.

It is now public knowledge, with the Biometric Voter Registration already being used as a machine for election rigging and intimidation, in rural areas people are being intimidated that the BVR system will make ZANU PF know who voted for the opposition.

ZEC also currently stand accused of declining to level the playing field, as it develops cold feet in making electoral reforms that would even the political field.