Midlands Reporter

A Karoi woman had a nightmarish night as she got brutally assaulted after she tried to forcibly take another woman’s pots to compensate $20 that was owed to her.
Yvette Kunaka of number 36, Chiedza C, Karoi went to Melody Chipumbo of the same neighbourhood to collect her money for a weave she had gave away on credit.

The two had agreed that Chipumbo would pay for the weave before 3 May 2017.
Chipumbo however failed to stick by the agreement resulting in Kunaka trying to take her pots to compensate her weave.
This did not go well with Chipumbo who then assaulted Kunaka with an unknown object all over the body.
Chipumbo was arraigned before Karoi magistrate Shella Nazombe  facing charges of assault..
She was convicted to her own plea of guilty and was sentenced to four months in prison while two were suspended for five years.

The remaining months were wholly suspended on condition that she performs 70 hours of community service at Karoi  Hospital.

The state representative Webster Dimingu told the court that in 3 May at around the complainant went to Chipumbo to collect her $20 for a weave she had gave away on credit.
The  court heard that Chipumbo told the complainant that she did not have any money.

This resulted in the complainant trying to take Chipumbo’s pots until she paid back the money.

The state representative said Chipumbo then grabbed the complainant by the collar and assaulted her with an unknown object all over the body.

Kunaka started bleeding by the nose and was ferried to Karoi Hospital the court heard.