The Zimbabwean dancehall chanter has a history of outclassing international acts and he was in the same spirit on Saturday when he outshined Jamaican singer Beenie Man at Alexandra Sports Club. Winky D proved his prowess as he managed to put up a top-drawer performance. Donning a red leather outfit, Winky D made a grand entrance with “Mudhara Vauya” which drove the fully-packed ground crowd into a frenzy.

He then dished out some of his hit songs both new and old such as “Bhebhi Rinobhowa”, “Not Nice”, “Photo-Life’, “Controversy”, “Disappear” and “Musarova Bigman” among others.

 What made him steal the show again? He managed to interact with the crowd and could explain the next song he was about to sing, preparing fans for the next hit of his playlist.

The dreadlocked musician later did his rendition of English writer, Ed Sheraan’s song, “Shape of You” and sealed his dominance of the night.

Although he had warmed up the stage for Bennie Man, he set the bar too high for the Jamaican artiste.

Bennie Man, who was clad in an African piece suit, did injustice to the fans as his performance was poor.