I don’t believe the London Grenfell Tower block fire was an accident. It wasn’t.

 What I have learnt over the years is that if a story has too many holes in it and nothing seems to add up, then there is information that is certainly being hidden somehow.

I’ve stopped watching the news on this horrific story. The more I watch the news, the more I’m convinced that these poor souls were intentionally burnt to death. It may have been ‘social cleansing’, as the residents of the flats were poorer compared to the rest of the community. Over the past years, there have been too many reports about how poorer people are being driven out of the capital city.

Just last year the tower was refurbished and according to the designers, the refurbishments met the UK safety standards. This is modern Britain, one of the most developed countries in the entire world, yet a tower of modern flats in the heart of London had no simple smoke alarms. The tower had no fire exits. The tower had no fire sprinklers. And to make it worse, when it was refurbished last year, cladding, a cheap highly inflammable material was used.

The residents had even expressed their concerns in 2016 about the tower block’s fire safety procedures, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. According to the Telegraph, a blog post from 2016 highlighted that ‘only a catastrophic event’ would expose the issues the residents had.

To me, it sounds like the tower was refurbished with the intention of burning it to the ground whilst killing as many people as possible.

A couple who lived in the building yesterday said just last Saturday the fire brigade went round to the Tower block to tell them that if a fire broke out in the building, the only advice they had for the residents was to stay in the building and put wet towels under the door. The couple said if they had listened to the advice, they would not be here today.

As I always say, I do not believe in mere coincidences.

Today I watched a youtube video of a man speaking to one of his friends trapped in the tower as it was burning, it was in the early hours of the morning, the firefighters were there, yet he was telling his trapped friend that there was nothing they can do. In the video, I saw firefighters sitting down as if they were on a tea break, as the frantic man was on the phone to his desperate friend.

The fire is said to have started around midnight, yet in this video below at 6:45 am in broad daylight ITV News was reporting live as people could still be seen trapped on windows, waving for help, yet nothing, nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing was done as the nation and the world watched LIVE. The residents were left to burn. Can any sane person explain the logic behind it all?

I am not an expert, but my own common sense tells me that it was absurd for the firefighters to tell people who were in an alarmingly burning building not to do anything but stay where they were and put wet towels under doors.

I am not an expert, but my own common sense tells me that helicopters should have been dispatched to the scene and people who were standing desperately on windows could have been easily saved by simply being pulled out of the burning building. Ropes could have been thrown to them.

Helicopters could have thrown even gallons of water to quench the fire. Trampolines could have been put on the ground for people to jump on. There could have been something done rather than letting people burn inside the tower. Good Lord! Anything!

It didn’t even need experts, but common sense should have prevailed. There was enough time to save lives. I am angry as a human being. I am angry as a mother. Humanity failed the residents of Grenfell Tower.

I am finding it so shocking that firefighters were at the scene, watching whilst people were burnt to death.

The only people who survived this horrific fire were those who did not heed the advice of the firefighters, but followed their gut instincts and got out of the burning building. A baby who was thrown out by his mother even miraculously survived.

As the brave mother was throwing her baby out of the building, those who were on the phone to the fire services were perishing.

If there was time to call and speak to the fire services and be given instructions and have the time to act on the instructions, it means there was enough time to save lives.

People had to make ropes from bedsheets in a desperate bid to escape the deadly flames. Parents threw their children out of the burning tower. People were jumping out. Children screaming in pain and anguish. The horror of it all.

If those that survived had to ignore the advice of the fire services, then what the hell is that fire service for? Maybe for just protocol?

It’s like a scene out of the movie Titanic. The world had to stand there and watch children burn to death.

There were over 500 hundred residents living in the tower. There were over 100 apartments. Most of the residents were in the building sleeping when the fire broke.

And yet you switch on the television to hear reports like, ‘Breaking News, At Least 6 People Have Died In The London Fire…’

What an insult to humanity. Hundreds of people have died. You do not need to be a genius to work that out. But somehow the mainstream media is even playing down the death toll.

I’m no expert but at least the cause of the fire should be known by now.

It is speculated that a fridge on the fourth floor caused the fire. The man who even lived in the flat where the fire allegedly originated from did not die. According to the Sun Newspaper, he went in his kitchen, saw his fridge on fire, and had time to pack his bags and left the building, knocking on his neighbours’ doors alerting them of the fire.

This proves that not a single person should have died in that fire. The man even had time to pack his bags whilst his fridge was burning in the kitchen. If there had been fire alarms in the tower, they would have gone off and everyone in the building would have been safely evacuated.

I really hope that someone out there, or some people out there are held accountable for this unlawful cruel mass murder.

It was not an accident, even if it was, no one should have died. Not even one person.