An ex-Zipra war veteran Max Mkandla has challenged Zimbabweans to register to vote in numbers in effort to remove President Robert Mugabe and his failed regime.

“I am pondering how change will happen given Mugabe’s stronghold on power and his history of playing it rough.The problem is instead of being brave enough to speak out against this corrupt government,we prefer euphemistic conversations in public transport and supermarket queues.we should all be determined to register even if it means spending hours in a queue so that we vote out Mugabe who never takes responsibility for his actions blaming the British, Americans, opposition, sanctions and now it’s internal foes in Z.A.N.U yet his poor leadership style and corruption is there for all to see.” he said.

“He is the biggest SABOTEUR.It is said age comes with wisdom but in Zimbabwe’s case it has become a curse as regards Mugabe.His selfish and egocentric attitude should case he didn’t know, we are pinning our hopes on Z.A.N.U’s capacity to destroy itself from within through the factional wars before the 2018 polls.The man has lost his marbles, if he ever possessed them in the first place.”

He said though the registration exercise is not friendly to the electorate who have tight schedules and end up disenfranchised and give up the process to completion, he encourages all to be patient in those queues so that they vote out this corrupt regime in 2018.

“It’s our first step towards overturning our plight of suffering at the hands of the Mugabe regime,” he said. agencies