The City of Gweru has made it clear that they have given up on futile attempts to remove vendors from the pavements and other undesignated selling points, saying the onus now lies with the central government on how to approach the challenge.

Gweru mayor, Charles Chikozho said council has since handed over the matter to the Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs, Jason Machaya.
“The issue of vendors is quite troubling. We have since handed the matter over to government so that they can at least help us in that regard. We recently held a meeting with Minister Machaya and we are waiting for a way forward.
“As council, we have seen that we have no capacity to remove vendors because they have refused to leave the pavements. We have also tried to engage police for help us but no help has come,” said Chikozho.

He also said illegal taxis commonly known as mishikashika were also contributing to the disorderliness in town.
“Those are giving us an equally tough time too. They refuse paying for parking disks and imagine the losses we make every day,” Chikozho said.