Zimbabwe citizens queuing to withdraw their cash from the country’s banks are now getting a rare treat, easing their worries, some vendors have developed another strategy, they have resorted to entertain the queuing people with sarcastic ways of merchandise marketing.

The vendors, especially those selling cutlery are visiting banks demonstrating their wares such as how to use graters to peel potatoes, cut chips, shred cabbage, cut vegetable, butternuts and others.

The interesting part is that these vendors will be cracking jokes, while demonstrating, leaving the queuing public in stitches of laughter.
“Yes it’s me, most of you know me as a television character, I have just decided to abandon that post for today so that I can come and entertain you here. Most people claim my kids don’t like cabbage, or salads, frankly speaking, it is how you cut such cabbage that causes them to dislike salad.
“If you cut it this way, no kid can resist,” says a vendor calling himself Mukoma John, while donning the smile and attire resembling Sabhuku Vharazipi, a television drama character.

As he demonstrated, he was cracking jokes, warning women that if they cut vegetable, as if they have shredded them with mere hands, husbands will desert them for girlfriends (Small houses). This left both women and men alike breaking their ribs in laughter.

One citizen who had been queuing for hours since 4 am this morning is Samson Gaura, he told this reporter that these vendors are now lightening their day in queue.
“Having to queue for money from the early hours of the day is no easy task. It leaves you stressed and exhausted, but, when these vendors start their exploits, it lightens the burden,” he says pointing to the vendor who was busy displaying who to effectively use a vegetable grater to shred cabbage.

Takunda Mureyo another citizen who had been queuing for cash at a bank along 1st Street for a week, said these vendors have since made their day at the queue bearable. “At least one can afford a smile on his face owing to these vendors. They are so entertaining,” he says with a forced smile.

These vendors have indeed mastered the art, they cut cabbage or vegetable like rape into fine wools, cut carrots into strips, cutting tomatoes into a rose flower.

Another vendor had this to say; “These rose flower looking tomatoes are used to garnish the food. I once heard one lady saying I want to use it to decorate food ‘food cannot be decorated, but garnished,” he said leaving the queuing crowds in stitches.

As the country’s economy continues to nose dive, cash is now a once in a blue moon appearance, people are spending days in queues, some are even sleeping at banks so as to get the front position when they open.

The government has failed to ease the situation, with all the measures and policies put in place at the moment appearing to have produced the reverse effects.

The bond notes, themselves have since disappeared from the market, taking away the green buck along as they sink into the oblivion. In most cases, this has left people stressed, traumatised, and exhausted in the queues.