United Kingdom- A Zimbabwean care home boss, Norbet Chikerema stabbed and bludgeoned his wife to death as she sat in their car after suspecting she had been having an affair, a court heard.

Birmingham Crown Court was told Norbert Chikerema struck Nyasha Kahari (Gillian Zvomuya) at least 40 times with numerous weapons, including an axe, before driving her body to a Lidl car park in Marston Green.

The court hearing looked into the events that took place around the time of Gillian’s death – many Zimbabweans will remember how the deceased family invited ZimEye.com to their house a day after the incident.

The court heard that Police later found the 35-year-old victim in the vehicle, still with her seat belt on.

Chikerema, 43, of Overdale Road, Quinton, has denied murder of Nyasha Kahari, known to family and friends as ‘Gillian Zvomuya.’

Kevin Hegarty QC, prosecuting, said Chikerema and his wife, also known as Gillian ran a nursing home business.

It was alleged he had hired a private detective to follow her as he suspected she was having an affair, as the jury was told.

The couple had set off from their home at about 7.30pm on January 29 this year and visited three addresses.

“They left the last address shortly after 11pm and shortly afterwards Chikerema attacked his wife,” said Mr Hegarty.

“When he attacked her she was sitting in the front passenger seat of their Nissan car. He used an axe to strike his wife over and over again.

“The blows were aimed principally at her neck and her head.

“She died in the car with her seat belt on. She could not get away. She was strapped in the car and she was effectively defenceless.”

Mr Hegarty said Chikerema had then driven the car and parked it near to the family home, tilted the seat back and covered her with a blanket.

He then went in and stayed for about an hour, allegedly changing his blood-stained clothes.

Mr Hegarty said: “He left. The defendant had on him a video recording that had been made by a private detective who the defendant had employed to follow his wife.

“He was suspicious. He was jealous. Did she have a boyfriend? Was she carrying on with someone else?

“He said the recording was of her meeting another man who he knew.

“During the course of that morning he sent that video to a number of family friends.”

Mr Hegarty said over the next few hours Chikerema made a number of money transactions including transferring £1,500 from a business to his own account. He also allegedly used the axe to attack two cars belonging to men he believed were seeing his wife.

By this time police were looking for him after receiving a call from a concerned friend.

Birmingham Mail