LONDON: A Zimbabwean woman has been charged with fraud after she claimed to be a survivor of the Grenfell Tower disaster to cash in on donations.

Joyce Msokeri, 46, of Sutton, South West London, will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court today, Scotland Yard said.

Joyce Msokeri is accused of falsely claiming her husband died in the blaze and fraudulently claiming £10,000 of the support being offered to survivors.

The 46-year-old from Sutton, south London, was arrested on 25 July and charged on 4 September. She will appear before Westminster magistrates court in central London.

Sending the case to crown court, district judge Elizabeth Roscoe said: “It is a substantial amount of money. It is in circumstances where it is akin to a fraud on a vulnerable person who has been injured. It is similar to that in that of course there is a finite pot and the more that is taken out illegally, the less there is for those that deserve it.”