Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters leader Innocent Ndibali says a magistrate should dismiss the case against him because the State has failed to prove he did anything wrong.

Ndibali (38) the Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters was arrested on August 18 at the Bulawayo Press Club. He holds a Brish passport.

“The evidence does not sustain the charge. The State outline does not establish facts linking the accused person to the alleged offence. The State witnesses failed to pin point the exact part of the visa, which states that my client has violated conditions of his holiday visa,” said Ndibali’s lawyer.

“Accordingly, the defence wishes to make an application for discharge at the close of the State case.”

“Although my client holds a British passport, he is a Zimbabwean who has a right in terms of the Constitution to address a Press Conference. He was merely invited to make his remarks,” said Mr Mhlanga.