TRESPASSERS will be prosecuted. The saying best describe the predicament of a 60 year old Gweru man who lost three teeth after being hit on the mouth for trespassing.
The man Amos Chizvozvo (60) of Plot A2 Woodlands, was assaulted by Save Nyabulo (29) after he drove cattle through Nyabulo’s farm without his permission.

Nyabulo was arraigned before Gweru magistrate Mrs Phathekile Msipa facing charges of assault. He was convicted to his own plea of guilty and was slapped with 12
months imprisonment term. 

He will however serve an effective nine months after three were suspended on condition of good behavior for five years. The state led by Ms Mugumba proved that on 15 May at around 10am the complainant was driving his cattle passing through  Nyabulo’s farm. 

Ms Mugumba said Nyabulo asked the complainant the reason why he was passing through his private land without his concern. The court heard that Chizvozvo apologized for his actions to Nyabulo but the accused ignored the apology and became furious.

 Ms Mugumba said Nyabulo started screaming at the complainant who remained silent, claiming that the complainant was encroaching on his farm.  She said Nyabulo went on to hit the complainant on the mouth with an open hand.  

The court heard that this resulted in the complainant losing three teeth. The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of Nyabulo.
The complainant was medically examined and a medical report was produced as exhibit.