A Gokwe married woman bedded her husband’s uncle citing se_xual starvation. Svodai Marwisi, who is doing community service at Manyoni Primary School for killing her newly born baby born out of the adulterous affair, appeared before chief Nemangwe, real name Mike Katyavazungu on Sunday where she stunned the community court blaming her husband for se_xuality starving her.

 This resulted in her bedding her mother-in-law’s married brother. Svodai told H-Metro that her husband left the country three years ago for South Africa and she had to quench her se_xual appetite by bedding Clever who ‘was ever admiring her body’.

“Ndaigodii kana ndimiwo, dare ndakariudza kuti murume wangu ave nemakore mtatu asipo saka ndakazopedzera nyota pana sekuru hanzvadzi yavamwene wangu,” said Svodai.

“I was se_xually starved and he (uncle) kept on tempting me by ever commenting on my body and I ended up giving in. as we speak I am doing community service after the criminal court convicted me of killing the baby born from  the affair. The court convicted me but honestly speaking Clever is the one who strangled the baby since we had agreed to hide the pregnancy. Clever will meet my husband when he comes over the illicit affair. I have decided not to continue with the affair following the incident. My husband is the one to blame for all this misery I am undergoing because he left me and Clever was supporting me financially from chikorokoza chaanoita. I am about to finish my community service but God knows the truth so does Clever,” said Svodai.

 Clever denied ever bedding Svodai saying he is not prepared to pay the beasts as per court judgment.

“I appeared before chief Nemangwe and was ordered to pay two beasts for bedding a relative but I denied the allegations and will not pay the fine,” said Clever.

“I never killed the baby as what Svodai wants the village to believe and I never bedded her as alleged,” he added. HMETRO