Edmore Mhangami

Female students at Midlands State University (MSU) are now allegedly using virginity restoration soaps among revelations that the soap restores virginity in less than a month.

Elena Mushipe, a trader in this business claims that the soap restores virginity within three weeks and is popular among  female MSU students in Gweru.

She claimed that even commercial sex workers are also rushing to use the product.

“This product, not only guarantees that those who have lost their virginity will get it back, it is also a hygienic soap. The soap is a product of Tiens beauty package and has been tried and tested. I can testify that a lot of female students at the campus are using the soap,” said Mushipe.

In an interview, Tendai Magama, a gynecologist at Gweru Provincial Hospital however condemned the use of such ‘despicable methods’ which she said can do more harm than good since they can result in serious health implications like cervical cancer.

“Women are at risk of cervical cancer and should desist from using those products because overdose can burn the private parts, leaving the soft sensitive skin scorched and raw, thus exposing themselves to cancer,” said Magama.

Of late, women have tried all sorts of meas ures to please men through good intimacy and MSU students have been caught in the bandwagon.

Students, who refused to be named indicated that it is very effective and believe that it is safe as it is made from 100% natural herbs and more than just of fering hygienic advantages, it offers good intimacy.

Meanwhile, the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe, Communications Officer, Linda Matowere said it is discouraged to insert chemicals into one’s private parts as there is a risk of tumors growing.

“We are aware that there is a rise in the use of soaps, creams and gel to tighten muscles but this can result in tumors, which may be painful to remove so we strongly advise against their use,” said Matowere.