BULAWAYO: Heavily armed police and soldiers stopped a planned coronation of self proclaimed Ndebele king Stanley Rafael Tshuma – Khumalo at the ZITF grounds in Bulawayo on Tuesday morning.

Hundreds of people most clad in traditional Ndebele outfits who had gone to the venue to witness the coronation were turned away and threatened with unspecified action if they remained around the Trade Fair grounds.

 Tshuma – Khumalo who calls himself King Mzilikazi II was nowhere to be seen at the venue.

Tshuma – Khumalo declared the day of his coronation as the day that Matabeleland Region was to be separated from Zimbabwe in a cessation agenda.

 The self proclaimed Mzilikazi II was previously warned with arrest by government if he went ahead with his coronation and declaration of a new nation.

Comment could not immediately be obtained from Khumalo’s spokesperson Greater Sibanda whose phone was not reachable.