Tourists can now enjoy the full extent of the Mutarazi Falls following the construction of this Sky Walk and Sky Line in Rhodes Nyanga National Park.

The Sky Walk and Sky Line are incredible. When you take one step on them or feel the freedom of flight over the falls it is like you are connected to the falls and the area like you want to love it, save it. The bridges are a thing of beauty and it is a truly uplifting and inspiring experience. In this day and age people need to feel, experience and value the environment through new and innovative means, especially in Africa,” said Far and Wide Zimbabwe, the organisation that built the project.

The project has created a way to experience a full 360-degree panoramic view of the Falls from the Sky Walk and Sky Line. In addition, the Sky Walk and Sky Line will generate much needed income for the Park, improve roads (Pungwe Scenic Road and access road to the Falls is to be rebuilt), provide employment for the local community and generally uplift the Eastern Highlands community whilst providing participants with an unforgettable adventure experience


The environmental footprint of the project is very small. It has been created in such a way that it can all be removed one day with no sign of it ever having existed.