There was drama in Mvurwi ward one Suoguru Township on Wednesday night when a married woman was caught by her husband with another man.

Eye witnesses allege the husband identified as baba Allan tricked his wife, identified as Joy or mai Allan and claimed that he was going away.

Baba Allan, who was apparently not expected to return home on Wednesday, came back around 10 pm and found his wife in a compromising position with another man in a car.

In rage baba Allan bashed his wife and left her for dead before vanishing in the dark.

“We witnessed the whole episode, baba Allan came here at Shato bar and saw his wife with Afiki who is a farm manager at Bickock farm.

“He dragged his wife out, and Afiki sped off before this wife was left for dead after a severe bashing.

“Apparently we are rendering first aid to her no one is eager to ferry her to the hospital as it needs a police report, so we do not want to be state witnesses,” revealed the source.