Firstly,i would like to point out that I say this representing myself alone. I am not speaking on behalf of the PHD MINISTRIES partners,leadership,followers,ministry workers or and other entity that might be related to my open letter in anyway.

This open letter and  might be labelled by PROPHET WALTER MAGAYA as an attack on him or his organisation but i do not have much against the man ,maybe just differences in ideologies or principles.I would like to question the way he treats the people who are around him(PWM).

He claims to be the father(source) to the ministry workers but how come he doesn’t meet them at their point of need. He goes for several moneys without blessing them with wages, incentives or any form of appreciation and after that you would scold,shout,beat(clap) and lash out on them expecting them to work at the best of their ability when they are clearly not your ability but rather a burden you can get rid off.

I have been watching and I know what i speak off”that ain’t RIGHT”.You are charitable normally where a camera is present so you get the credit.You do not give the love a father should have for his children ,as simple as attending funerals of your children(or their relatives),you do not attend their weddings,you do not attend to them even when sick, your life is too busy and important for that.

Now regarding your immediate followers,the OVERSEER.They don’t seem to be doing as well as you in terms of progress ,some of them don’t have proper vehicles to take them from point A to B and you have a fleet “that ai’nt RIGHT”.

They do not have houses of their own and actually some still stay in their parent’s houses at their level and yet you give away stands.That proves how loyal thy are to you because they cover up making sure people won’t notice but I did “that aint RIGHT”.

They must be an extension of your life because they are a reflection of you.The choir that praises and worship in front of your TV some of them wear worn clothes because of repeating the same clothes over and over again and in comparison to you,you change into multiple sets of clothes in a given church service “that ain’t RIGHT”.

EVEN your overseers have been repeating some of their clothes from going back 3 years, whats really the point of you changing clothes in a service,how does that give glory to GOD?

From your track record ,you have lost a lot of members,allies,partner and leaders e.g CATHRINE NYANGONI and ISHMAEL CHITIYO(former SEER you declared enemy of the state on public TV) just to mention a few and that should make you really wonder what is wrong in your Organisation.

Your wife does utter a word, you always speak for her. Not knowing if she can really commune and pray because as far as we can see,she only poses for the camera and smiles .In conclusion, my prayer is that changes are made to create favorable conditions for everyone because the truth is people do not know me but they know you.

You are influential ,people look up to you and the easily believe what you say. Remember You are not perfect and I pray you have something to learn from this.

Chipo Chakanyuka