HARARE, 30 August 1991 – President Mugabe yesterday toured the Harare Agricultural Show for nearly 2 and a half hours.

At the few selected stands that he visited – all agricultural-oriented – Cde Mugabe was briefed on the operations of the companies, their importance to Zimbabwean agriculture, and problems, if any, that inhibited the organisations from making their full contributions to the development of agriculture.

The strenuous tour had its lighter moments at the Art and Craft Centre where a palmist told the President that he could expect to live to between 98 and 100 years. The President is 68, President Mugabe arrived at the Showgrounds shortly after 9.30am. He headed straight for the Smithfield section where he was met by the president of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society, Didymus Mutasa; the chairman of the society, Mr John Strong and other ZAS officials. Before going on a conducted tour of the Smithfield, the President was first briefed about his tour by Mr Strong.