The Zimbabwean pageant organiser, Tare Munzara accused of human trafficking in Malaysia is celebrating after the model’s lies were exposed.

He said :”The devil was shamed. I was vilified and named a human trafficker because some stupid model decided to lie. The media even kept on naming me as a a criminal . The story went viral and the South African Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula even further lied and so my name was dragged into disrepute being tagged as a criminal. The tables have turned, and its now our time because the truth is out.

Apparently, the young model, Princess Mahlangu, concocted the whole story – apparently as a way to get home.

It was originally reported that the young woman was supposedly lured by a fake online beauty pageant, but it appears she was informed by the organiser that the pageant had been cancelled but she decided to travel to Malaysia anyway to “avoid embarrassment”, apparently because she had been tweeting about it a lot.

Later, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula appeared to take a huge personal interest in her case, and allegedly even paid the costs for her return flight home on Sunday from the Far East from his personal funds. agencies