I would like to thank all of you who prayed for me during the time I was taken prisoner.

Prison is the harshest place you would think of and its really painful to be in there. But it makes you feel better if multitudes pray for you and wish you well. Well, others liked it. But we say STOP IT. Stop the arrests of fellow comrades

. Our lawyers put up a brave fight and you could see that the Almighty was whispering to them every word they pronounced. Bail was granted. We must continue to pray for freedom in Zimbabwe. Generation after generation there is a struggle for freedom.

Freedom from oppression, freedom from suppression, freedom from intimidation you name it. We want a society where the right to freedom of expression and opinion is respected. We can not all be quiet people. We can never be the same.

Rather, our diversity in character, opinion and beliefs makes us stronger together. I appreciate that there is a generational gap between leaders today and us young people. Gone are the days when information would take ages to travel through physical postages.

Now we have social media. There is increasing need for greater transparency due to the speed with which information is spreading. Soon and very soon, we will realize what the information era means for us. energy mutodi