HARARE: Members of the ZANU PF youth aligned to warring ZANU PF factions have violently clashed at the party headquarters with two people feared dead.

Sources at the ZANU PF offices indicate that the youth members loyal to First Lady Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction attacked a handful of youths loyal to ousted former Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa’s Locoste faction outside the party offices on the sidelines of an on going make or break politiburo meeting.

 Thousands of ZANU PF supporters led by the youth wing this morning descended at the party offices alegedly to show their solidarity with President Robert Mugabe in dismissing his deputy Emerson Mnangagwa on Monday.

A few Mnangagwa supporters braved the situation and marched to the party offices where they were heavily assaulted by their G40 rivals.

Meanwhile senior party officials took turns to address the crowd all of them denouncing former Vice President Mnangagwa. agencies