MDC-T’s Midlands North Chapter is being haunted by the 2013 ghost which saw the country’s opposition party failing to reign in “rebel” councilors.

A source close to the country’s main opposition party said that infighting in the opposition party has reached a boiling point after MDC lost the deputy mayoral post in Kwekwe.

It has been gathered that councilors Aaron Gwalazimba and Mbekezeli Ndlovu are facing party censor as they are currently under investigations from the party.

The deputy mayoral post has been landed by ZANU PF’s ward 8 Councillor John Mapurazi after the post fell vacant following the untimely demise of the then deputy Mayor Aaron Sithole who was also a ward 5 councilor.

Mapurazi who is also understood to be eyeing the Kwekwe Central seat in next year’s synchronized elections thrashed his MDC T rival Janet Ticharunga.

It has been gathered that one councillor from the opposition did not vote while, another one voted for ZANU PF.

Kwekwe City Council before Sithole’s death had an equal number of councilors as both MDC T and ZANU PF had seven each to total the seven wards.

Midlands Provincial Chairman Sedwell Bhebhe said that the party is still investigating the outcome of the elections.

“We held a meeting with the councilors from the province. Amongst the issues which were under discussion was the recently conducted Kwekwe Deputy Mayoral elections,” said Bhebhe.

He added, “We are looking into the issue and we are conducting investigations on the outcome.”

Bhebhe said that they have a suspect who might have led to the loss of the party but the provincial boss could not divulge the culprits.

“Of course we have culprits in this case but we cannot divulge names. Like I highlighted we are still investigating,” he said.

A source told the publication that the problem currently bedeviling MDC was the party’s failure to put closure on the 2013 “rebel’ councilors in Kwekwe and Redcliff.

“The problem currently bedeviling the party is that in 2013 the party did not take serious action against rebel councilors who went on to vote for ZANU PF,” the source said.

‘It’s true that we are numerically disadvantaged in the chamber as ZANU PF has seven councillors against the six of us. However, we were supposed to vote for the party’s candidate and that meant we were going to get six votes but instead we went on to get four.

‘What happened is a clear defiance of the party and that must not be tolerated. It happened in 2013 that our councillors voted for ZANU PF and it has happened again,” said one of the MDC T councilors.

In 2013 MDC T embarked on nationwide disciplinary hearings to preside over the issue of rebel councillors who were accused of voting for ZANU PF mayors.

In Kwekwe the late MDC T deputy Mayor Aaron Sithole it is said was nominated by a ZANU PF councilor to be voted as the deputy mayor whereby he became the victor after walloping party favorite Weston Masiya.

It is said that Sithole voted for ZANU PF councillor Matenda Madzoke who was duly signed in as the Mayor for Kwekwe after beating MDC T candidate Aaron Gwalazimba by one vote.

Redcliff Municipality had the same situation after the opposition who had seven councillors against ZANU PF’s two saw ZANU PF’s candidate in power after three of MDC councilors voted for Kapuya.

The three were Onward Majaji, Takura Chikwiri who had been nominated Mayor and Redcliff ward 2 Councillor Euphrasia Duro.