It seems the mbanje-ganja cake is suddenly making its way back into Mutare, two years after law enforcement agents chipped in and contained the spread of the dangerous drug cake among the city’s youth.

Recently a 19-year-old Dangamvura man, Luis Tanaka Munyoro was nabbed with the cake by members of the police.

He has since appeared before Mutare provincial magistrate, Mr Tendai Mabwe. Munyoro was convicted of contravening Section 157 (1) (a) of the Criminal law (Codification and Reform) Act, otherwise known as the unlawful possession of mbanje.

In mitigation, the teenager told the court that one Simba from a local supermarket was the supplier of the ganja cakes. He said he was the one who had sold it to him.

“Your Worship, the cake is being distributed by Simba who works at TM Pick N Pay and he is the one who sold it to me,” he said.

The cake weighed 29,2 grams. Mr Fletcher Karombe represented the State.

The State heard it that on August 23, detectives on patrol in the CBD received information to the effect that Munyoro was at Meikles Park and in possession of a cake that was laced with mbanje.

The detectives approached him and upon seeing them, Munyoro stashed the cake in the back pocket of his pair of trousers.

The cake was recovered from his back pocket after a body search by the detectives.