Children watch 4 sex workers vs 1 naked man

MASVINGO – Four hard core sex workers in the high density suburb of Mucheke have shocked Masvingo with a video that has gone viral in which they pitilessly strip a client of his clothes in broad daylight before assaulting and robbing him of his money.
The four; Shelter Chinomwe (33), Maria Sengai (21), Mavis Chinomwe (27) and another one who is now on the run  then went about pulling the client by his manhood as hordes of children and neighbours watched.
The incident happened two weeks ago (Sunday 30 July 2017) and Police swiftly arrested the sex workers on Wednesday this week after the video leaked on Monday.
Although Police Spokesperson Kudakwashe Dhewa said the case was not reported, The Mirror established that the three sex workers were being detained at Chikato Police Station and a docket RRB number 3163171 has been opened against them
The Mirror understands that the sex workers are part of a large network of sex workers who are putting the law into their hands by trapping, terrorising and robbing clients. The Musana Wezhou area near Mucheke rank is now notorious for such criminal activities.
The Mirror in January reported an incident in which a senior Police officer had his uniform impounded by sex workers in from the same area. The Cop was forced to wash blankets at a sink outside the house while naked.
Another client was stripped naked and he ran and hid in a hill behind the former Mandava Hotel until Good Samaritans brought something to cover him. A man from Chipinge had his mobile phone impounded by the sex workers last week and he said he was not reporting the matter to the Police but would use other means to force the sex workers to return the gadget.
It is suspected that he was implying that he would use juju’s against the workers.
In the latest incident, the video shows the four sex workers pinning the young client to the ground. One of the sex workers is seen squashing the client’s hand on the ground with her boot. They then pull off his shirt, trousers and underpants and leave him with just a pair of socks on.
The sex workers are also seen clapping the naked young man in the face as he desperately seeks somewhere to hide himself. The sex workers also pull the client by his organ as gathered members of the public plead for mercy and warn the sex workers that they would kill the man.
Children are seen giggling in the background as they watch the offending scene.
People who spoke to The Mirror have expressed fear that serious crimes including murder could soon be reported in Mucheke as the sex workers get more and more daring in their criminal activities.
One sex worker in the area is known to be one of the biggest mbanje peddlers in the city. masvingo mirror