Two college students here were recently involved in a nasty brawl over VeMasvingo jokes currently circulating on social media.

The two students from Vees College in Chivhu had to be restrained by fellow students and staff members following an argument over the VeMasvingo jokes.

The jokes which portray the people as dull, redundant and ostracised from current affairs, are regarded as derogatory in nature.

At the centre of the brawl was a picture of a man using a hacksaw to cut bread, indicating he was unacquainted with modern food.

In one of the jokes Masvingo netara, two women are seen fastening one seat belt together, clearly showing they were totally mesmerised by the journey.

One of the students told, he exchanged blows with his colleague who spent days taunting him about the social media jokes.

“I could not stomach his provocative action anymore. He chided me saying I was from Masvingo. I was angered by his actions and we exchanged blows,” said one of the students.

“One of the students was seriously injured following the nasty brawl over the Masvingo jokes,” said a student who identified herself as Florence.

Authorities at the college said they were not at liberty to comment on the matter.

Police here said they were unaware of the incident.

Social commentator Edmore Muchechetere said the jokes were perilous and were likely to trigger social disharmony, hatred and tribalism.

“Something has to be done before the situation explodes out of hand.The jokes are provocative and they ignite tribalism and negative stereotypes bordering on hate speech. If one checks what is happening in the political field then one sees trouble beckoning,” said Muchechetere.