Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Cde Mandiitawepi Chimene on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Makoni District Administrator Mr Roland Madondo, describing him as not the right person to be at the helm of the district.

Cde Chimene’s attack on the administrator happened at the Makoni District Heroes Acre during the burial of remains of a fallen hero of the Second Chimurenga, Cde Never Samungure, whose remains were found in the Mafararikwa area of Marange.

The Provincial Affairs Minister told Mr Madondo to retire and go to stay in the villages if he was finding it difficult to lead the district. She accused the DA of failing a simple task of organising the reburial of the remains of Cde Samungure. The remains were interred around 6:30pm and there was no co-ordination that people attend the reburial.

This was not the first time that Cde Chimene has hit out at Mr Madondo in public as early this year during a briefing meeting before the tour of Ngowe Causeway Bridge in Makoni West, she rebuked Mr Madondo for wasting time.

This was after Mr Madondo had been tasked to introduce district officials to the minister and instead he started to “over-introduce” himself chronicling his war credentials, explaining the difference between the Madondos from Makoni and the “rich ones from Masvingo with hotels, buses and shops”.

Incensed by Madondo’s self-praise, Cde Chimene immediately ordered him to sit down and shut up as he was wasting time. She went on to tell him that she could have him transferred from the district through demotion or promotion.

Turning to the reburial of Cde Samungure, whose Chimurenga name was Cde Shakespeare, Cde Chimene said his contribution to the liberation struggle was supreme hence he deserved decent reburial.

“Cde Samungure was born in June 1963 in Nyanga. In 1976 he left the country to join the liberation struggle with his friend. After training they were deployed and fought the struggle in Bocha Mafararikwa area. Information that we have is that Cde Never was shot together with his friend by the enemy. After the shooting Never succumbed to injuries and died.

“I am told Cde Never spoke through a Form 5 boy who discovered his remains in the bush that he needed proper burial. The young boy’s father had assisted to bury Cde Never and his grandmother had provided a blanket for his burial.

“Now that he was discovered, we are gathered here to give a befitting send off. We would like to applaud Fallen Heroes Trust leadership as well as the family of the young boy who discovered Cde Never’s remains for spear heading this reburial. Cde Never’s mother is here with us today. The late comrade also has two brothers and five sisters surviving. manica post