Fungayi Moyana

It was a dramatic incident in Gutu when a man’s meal was spoiled when he discovered a lizard’s tail and some small sticks in his relish.

The man then  confronted his wife who confessed that it was her mother who came up with the sadistic idea.

Dickson Chatsauka(34) years old from Gutu found a lizard’s tail and some sticks in his well prepared supper and became furious about his unpleasant discovery.

Chatsauka confronted his wife Kudzai Hadebe and she denied the allegations.

This further infuriated Chatsauka who stormed out of the house and came back with an axe threatening to chop his wife into pieces.

Sensing danger, Minangu spilled the beans and told her husband that her mother had came with the lizard’s tail and asked her to put it in his relish so that he could be submissive to his wife for the rest of his life.

Upon hearing this, Chatsauka wasted no time and stormed out of the hose straight to his mother in law.

Upon arrival Chatsauka he entered the house and asked to have a talk with his mother-in-law, Beatrice Milanzi in private, they went outside the house.

Mrs Milanzi laughed it off saying it was absurd and this did not go well with Chatsauka who then grabbed her by the neck and slapped her a couple of times before his-in-laws stopped him.

The matter was reported to the chief and Chatsauka was fined 4 goats since it is a taboo in Shona culture for a man to assault his mother-in-law.