Tinashe Zisengwe

Even Jesus hated debts! Give Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser is one of Christ’s misinterpreted words by people when they want their money back.

A Honde Valley man recently went berserk and struck his colleague with an axe on the left shoulder over a one week overdue $10 debt.

It is reported that Brian Chenangoma axed his buddie Enos Songanayi over a $ 10 debt which the latter was failing to repay.

Allegations are that Brian went to Enos’s place demanding his money back which he claims was for boarding a bus to Harare the very same day.

In the conversations Enos poked him saying he will give him after two weeks when he gets paid.
But this did not go well with Brian who persisted that he wanted his money.

The two ended up exchanging harsh words resulting in Brian reaching for a nearby axe and striking Enos on the left shoulder several times before fleeing.

Enos sustained deep cuts. The matter was reported to the local police and Brian is still on the run.