Outspoken Harare socilite Amai Gamu real name Paida Zvirikuzhe turned 28 on Sunday and got steamy s_e_x bouts as presents.In an unsolicited interview, Amai Gamu said she would always cherish this year’s bash powered by Boss Spencer Madziya at ‘The Volt.

Among other things she received as birthday gifts, Amai Gamu said the se_xual encounters she had with her boyfriends’ made her birthday more exciting.

“I am grateful to all my friends for celebrating my birthday with me, my phone was so busy because I have been receiving birthday messages and calls.

“My friends and relatives were giving me different birthday gifts and some of the gifts were big others small and I am so grateful for that.

“However the biggest birthday gifts I received this year was the birthday se_x I got from my boyfriends,

“I am not in a serious relationship these days so I don’t have one boyfriend. I am happy that all my boyfriends quenched my se_xual appetite. There is nothing as good a birthday se_x,” she said.

Amai Gamu went on to reveal that she has been abstaining for a while.

“I think the reason why I enjoyed se_x on my birthday was simply because ever since my last serious relationship I was was not indulging in sex.

“For the past four months, my focus mainly was on my career and se_x was the last thing on my mind,” she said. hmetro