HARARE: Self confessed hooker and dancer Nokhutula Marcia Chapwanya popularly known as Bootyliciouus has challenged South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu to an assets display contest on stage.

In her message to her followers, Nokhuthula brags of her ability to shake her boot_y without pant_ies claiming that she is popular with influential people she bedded during her time in the Avenues before she got employment.

“Zodwa cannot dance better that me and I have  bigger following that her in Zimbabwe, all the big fish know me and some tasted my sweetness,” Nokhuthula was heard saying as she performed alongside her unidentified partner near Copacabana. Nokhuthula made headlines when she clashed with police in the Avenues who wanted to arrest her colleagues over using dangerous drugs.

However, Nokhutula may have to wait until after the Carnival to battle it out with the popular South African dancer Zodwa as her show at Private Lounge Friday is off after the socialite indicated that she is no longer coming.

On Thursday, Zodwa Wabantu posted on her Instagram page a picture  with a caption that read:

“I am not going to Zimbabwe, I won though. I can’t be in a country run by pu**y @annenhira