Note: Kwese TV has been temporarily suspended by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe until further notice..don’t buy it!!

Harare: The wait is finally over,Econet has unveiled Kwese to the masses.

 To further sweeten the deal,the first month is free hence by buying the decoder and Set-Top Box,you are guaranteed a month of free entertainment.

After weeks of speculation, Econet has finally announced the availability of the Kwese pay TV service at its shops in Zimbabwe.

In an announcement on social media the newspapers today, Econet said customers can now visit any of its shops around the country and pay $49 to get a decoder, free installation and the first month.

In terms of ongoing subscription prices, you probably know that Kwese, unlike Multichoice, essentially has a single bouquet. Your choice comes on subscribing either for a month, 7 days or just 3 days.

 The monthly subscription, from what we gather, is $29. The 7-day subscription is $9 and the 3-day $5 (This is not confirmed however and we’ll confirm once we get the official word).

If you’re wondering what channels and content you’ll get on Kwese, you can check out the official website.

A Twitter user who says they visited an Econet shop today posted a picture of list of channels Kwese Zimbabwe has on offer and that list says “All EPL matches are screened”.

This is particularly interesting because all along it was generally believed that Kwese TV only has access to 1 EPL match per week, which would be screened over the weekend.

If all EPL matches are available on Kwese TV for just $29 a month, Kwese may indeed be an immediate huge disruption to Multichoice.