Edmore Mhangami
THERE was drama in Gweru after a driver of a commuter omnibus and his conductor teamed up and assaulted a drunk man who had board the kombi. The duo Andrew Musiyiwa and Grainmore Zindoga both from Dziva Transport teamed up to assault Mr Mugadzi Collen for refusing to close the door while the vehicle was moving.

They pleaded guilty to the charge when they appeared before Gweru Magistrate Mrs Pathekhile Msipa yesterday and were fined $150 each or risk imprisonment for 3 months.
The state led by Mr Kelvin Guveya proved that on 17 May at 5pm the complainant was at Ascot Business Centre drinking beer.

Mr Guveya said the complainant later boarded a commuter omnibus which was driven by Musiyiwa in a bid to go to town. Mr Guveya said at the interception Maveza and Rufaro road the driver instructed the complainant who was sitting in the front sit to close the door. 

The court heard that the complainant promised to act like wise but did not. Musiyiwa then asked the complainant why he was taking too long  to close the door.

Mr Guveya said a misunderstanding then erupted between the two. He said Musiyiwa then stopped the vehicle and went to the passenger sit. The court heard that Musiyiwa pulled the complainant out of the vehicle and started assaulting him with fist and booted feet in the face. Zindoga also came out of the vehicle and assisted Musiyiwa in assaulting Mugadzi.

The matter was reported to the police and the duo was arrested. The complainant was medically examined and a medical report was produced.