LONDON: The health status of Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai has come under scrutiny after his lover, who is living with AIDS in the United Kingdom, revealed that he forced her to indulge in sex with him without using condoms, a Zimbabwe online news website reported.

Agencies reported that a woman, who they can only identify as Adele, an MDC UK executive member, claimed that she had sex with Tsvangirai several times when he visited the UK.

“He forced me to indulge in sex with him without using condoms,” Adele told a source who is a medical practitioner based in London.

Adele said she feared cross-infection as she strongly suspected Tsvangirai was HIV positive, judging by his record of promiscuity and the wild rumours swirling around regarding his health.

Adele also told friends that she had come under emotional strain and was threatened by Tsvangirai and his aides after he dumped her and controversially married Zanu-PF member Elizabeth Macheka in 2012. agencies/Bulawayo 24 news/ my zimbabwe news