A Harare woman had beer bottle in_serted in her pr_ivates for cheating on her polygamous husband. Joyce Maendaenda, 23, of Eastview is married to a polygamous man Job Kamupira, 25, who forced her to insert a beer bottle into her pr_ivates. The husband then forced Joyce’s 19 year old lover to assault her after catching them pants down last Friday. Kamupira arrived unexpectedly and found Joyce allegedly being in_timate with Blessing Moyo.

 When he got home, Kamupira broke down the door of his house after his wife took forever to open. On getting inside, he found his wife battling to dress up while Blessing hid under the bed.

In an interview with H-Metro, Joyce said Kamupira intervened just when they were about to have se_x.

“He came in just before we had se_x. He came in and assaulted me, tied one of my legs up and forced me to insert a bottle sating that was punishment for wanting se_x from Blessing. That was the most painful thing I have ever done, imagine being forced to insert a bottle into your privates. Hanzi nekuti ndinoda nhengo yaBlessing yakakura sebhodhoro redoro. He went on to force Blessing to beat me threatening to beat him if he did follow his instructions. I was punished for almost three hours. Blessing followed the instructions and beat me so hard using an electric cable as they assaulted him when he failed to beat me hard.

 They took us to a dam where Blessing and I were soaked and we were taken to Blessing’s house where we were further assaulted after Job discovered a letter I wrote to Blessing. I started cheating with Blessing in May this year, after I moved away from a two-roomed house I was staying with Job’s first wife. My body is in pin and Job has refused to take me to the clinic for treatment. It was not pleasing to stay with his first wife in two rooms and I moved out to give them freedom. I decided to fall in love with Blessing, who was ever winking at me and supporting me,” said Joyce.

Blessing confirmed the incident saying he was assaulted by Kamupira and his three friends. “Job called his three friends and they all assaulted me after he caught me with Joyce and they took me to a nearby dam where I was dipped in the water and further assaulted,” said Blessing. Showing head injuries he sustained during the ordeal. “Job is no longer staying with Joyce. He is jealous and does not want to admit that his marriage with Joyce has broken down. I reported the case to the police and no action had been taken yet, but Job later sent a message apologizing and I didn’t accept his apology,” said Blessing.

Kamupira confirmed beating Joyce and Blessing, saying he had been angered after discovering that his wife was bedding a young boy. Ndavarova chaizvo zvanga zvandirwadza wangu nekuti ndinomupa zvese mubvunze kana pane chaanoshaya,” said Job.

Source-H Metro