A self styled prophet from Gweru is making sensational claims that he can cure all deadly diseases including AIDS which he says is a demon.

Madzibaba Beswage who has a shrine at Mkoba 14 once hogged the limelight after a controversial story of a woman who allegedly ate a live chicken at his place of worship.

This time around he made the sentiments to have the powers to cure AIDS and Cancer. Since then people are flocking to his place in numbers with many confessing to have been healed.

Takudzwa Masinde, a congregant said he visited the Madzibaba Beswage after having tested positive at National Aids Council but after the prayer by Madzibaba Beswage he went again and tested negative.

Contacted for comment Madzibaba Beswage, born Micky Mahove, said his powers are from God and nothing will be impossible with his powers.

“Nothing is impossible with God all people who have different ailments should come we will pray for them so that they get deliverance,” he said. zimbabwenewsuk