The minute you have Kudzai Chipanga clones in the MDC and other opposition, is the minute the prospect of change dies.

And unfortunately there are many Chipanga look alikes in the MDC, particularly a very dangerous youth who dresses in Natsi like military fatigues and goes by the name Shakespeare Mkoyi.

I gather he is the National deputy youth chairman or is it Secretary but he is most definitely a change killer and not change agent. What makes him very very dangerous is his militancy informed and premised on acting and behaving violently all in the name of Morgan Tsvangirai and a misguided revolutionary ethos.
He represents and promotes something along the way of Border-Gezism and Hitler-Youth. He has displayed vicious disrespect and disregard for seniority by not only pointing an accusing finger at Thokozani Khupe, but actually pursuing her with intent to physically harm her.
People like this young man are the poison that needs to be flushed out of Zimbabwean politics if we are to have real change and transformation. He will poison other youths and we will have another Green bomber menace in MDC outfits.
He would fit right into Zanupf like a plug to a socket.  stanley goreraza