Edmore Mhangami
IN a bizarre incident a 38 year old Gokwe-Kariba man who helped in the murdering of a “thief”, is allegedly being tormented by the unkown.
The man Stanley Pondo (38) of village Chikundo under Chief Kazangarare, Kariba is allegedly being given hard times with ‘Benjamin Shuro’s ghost’ whom, together with his brother, he murdered in 2007 after they found him stealing properties at their homestead.
Allegations are that Pondo is having a nightmarish live as he is hearing voices every night demanding to know why he killed.

According to sources, unknown people throw stones at Pondo and makes nocturnal sounds during the night while he is sleeping.
“Pondo was recently attacked by the ‘unknown’ and he ran from his house at night and sought solace at Chief Kazangarare’s homestead. This was after the mysterious voice threatened to take his life,” said a source who choose to remain anonymous.

In an interview, Chief Kazangarare confirmed the incident.
The Chief said he summoned a traditional court to settle the dispute in which Shuro’s relatives were invited.

“I can confirm that I had to summon a traditional court in which we invited the relatives of the now deceased Benjamin since his ghost is tormenting Pondo. Mr Wilfred Shuro who is father to the now deceased attended the court session on Tuesday,” said Chief Kazangarare.

Chief Nemangwe said Mr Shuro knew that Pondo was being tormented by his son.
He said Mr Shuro demanded 8 beasts as compensation from Pondo.
“However he told him that 8 beasts were too many since the law of the land states that only three were needed in such cases. Mr Wilfred refused to accept three beasts and threatened to leave the court gathering if his demands were not taken serious,” said the chief.
Chief Kazangarare said Pondo however agreed to pay the 8 beasts demanded.
According to Chief Kazangarare Pondo said 8 beasts were nothing if he was to get his peaceful life back.