The long awaited biography on Eddison Jonas Mudadirwa Zvobgo, one of Zimbabwe’s most colourful liberation war heroes is out and the 104-page book is bound to fill in a lot of gaps in the history of the war against colonialists.

Titled, The Struggle for Zimbabwe 1935 – 2004 Eddison JM Zvobgo, the book which was authored by the late politician’s young brother Professor Chengetai Zvobgo covers the period of Zvobgo’s political life from around 1957 to the time he died on August 22, 2004.
Unlike earlier biographies on liberation struggle luminaries, the latest book entirely focuses on Zvobgo and the role he played and it covers little of his contemporaries. The book makes very little reference to other politicians and is devoid of the usual emotion and controversy found in earlier biographies.

 This book is a record of history depicting a picture of a fearless fighter who did not relent despite many life-threatening situations. The crucial roles he played to take the liberation struggle from one level to another cannot be missed.

According to the book, Zvobgo gave critical leverage to the historic split of Zanu from Zapu in 1963 as he is the one who brought letters from Tanzania which angered Joshua Nkomo to the point of calling a Press conference in Harare where he dismissed Zapu national executives including Leopold Takawira, Robert Mugabe, Zvobgo and Ndabaningi Sithole.

Zvobgo also played a critical role in pushing the newly formed Zanu to take up arms and abandon peaceful means of achieving independence. His call for war at the Zanu congress in Gwelo in 1964 was made at a time when most leaders were undecided if not afraid to militarily confront the colonial government of Douglas Ian Smith.