A woman who was found in bed with another man by her husband is now desperate to have him back.
Soneni Ncube from Bulawayo dumped husband, Ntokozo Ndlovu and eloped with her lover. Her husband married another woman, Pollet Moyo and Ndlovu now says Ncube is pestering him seeking a reconciliation.
“I was customarily married to Soneni Ncube and we have two children together. We separated in January this year after I found her with a boyfriend at our matrimonial home who she later eloped with. She now comes back to my place where I am now staying with my new wife persuading me to come back to her. She is also threatening my wife so that she dumps me.
“She visits my workplace creating unnecessary scenes while bothering me for a reunion because her lover has jilted her. The other day she came to my place and found the gate locked and she jumped over it,” said Ndlovu while requesting the court to bar Ncube from pestering him.
Ncube however, disputed this saying “What Ndlovu told the court is not true. He has totally lied. What happened is that he had a relationship with a certain lady I found him sleeping with on our matrimonial bed.  On the other day I busted him at a city supermarket buying her some groceries. When I confronted him over that woman a misunderstanding ensued and he ended up assaulting me.
“Turning to Pollet (Moyo) she is the same woman I found sleeping with my husband on our bed. I never insulted her.  When I went to her place I only requested to see Ntokozo (Ndlovu) so that we talk about the plight of our children,” responded Moyo. state papers