There was drama in Highfield suburb Harare on Thursday morning when a syndicate of se-x workers stripped a client who failed to pay one of them for a night service.

Tonderai Bhasvi is alleged to have picked a prostit-ute identified as Pamela  at Joy Centre night club and agreed to pay $15 after the services.

However, Bhasvi failed to pay after the service hence forcing sex workers to team up and embarrass him.

Speaking to Pamela said Bhasvi spent the whole night demanding various styles and subsequently failed to pay, which did not auger well with fellow ladies of the night.

“Look here we are in this se-x work not because we want to, but due to desperation, so when one comes and dupe us – here we work as a team to parade him with no clothes on was the best thing. He will never hire us without money again,” said  Pamela.

Bhasvi confirmed the story saying he was just trying to mend a relationship with the sex worker but she over reacted.

“The truth of the matter is that the se-x worker over reacted. When l hired her l told her l wanted her to be my girlfriend and on the date in question l had no money.

“Luckily after the shameful incident my elder brother paid her the money for her to return my clothes though she demanded more than what she was supposed to get,” he said. bulawayo news