Fungayi Moyana

It was a sad day for the growth point of Buhera when a prominent businessman drank poison after quarrelling with his wife, physically assaulted her and was arrested.

Tavengwa Chari a businessman in Buhera who owned shops and grinding mills died after drinking a bottle of Rogor poison in front of his wife Chioniso Tangwena and in laws.

It is alleged that Chari and Tangwena had some misunderstanding while they were at their home and the former severely assaulted his wife until she started to pass urine with blood.

Chari accused his wife of disrespecting him and making comparisons of his manhood and other man.

He also accused Tangwena of harassing him.

After being thoroughly bashed Tangwena reported the matter to the police at Murambinda police station leading to Chari’s arrest.

At some stage Tangwena decided to withdraw the case opting to get counseling from their relatives.

After being released from police custody Chari secretly bought two bottles of Rogor on their way to Tangwena Village for marriage counseling with his wife.

Reaching the homestead Chari remained behind,after all the in laws and his wife had settled in the house Chari stormed in holding a bottle of Rogor poison and told his in laws that his wife had betrayed him.

The businessman gulped almost half of the bottle his wife and relatives tried to stop him but it was too late.

They rushed him to Murambinda Hospital and minutes later he was pronounced dead.