A woman from Bulawayo has approached the courts suing her abusive ex-boyfriend demanding nearly $50 000 for allegedly breaching a promise to marry and “wasting” her time.

Ms Mandiedza Joana Mushonga is also accusing her ex-lover Alan Dube, an engineer at Zesa, of ganging up with another woman to assault her.

Ms Mushonga fell for Dube four years ago after he had promised to marry her.

In papers filed at the Bulawayo High Court, Ms Mushonga cited Dube as the defendant in the matter.

 Ms Mushonga, who is a self-actor, said she felt embarrassed and humiliated after she caught her man in the company of another woman.

Ms Mushonga wants $47 050 for breach of promise to marry and damages for emotional and physical abuse and money for the damage of her cellphone during the assault.