THERE was drama in Mutare’s Chikanga high-density suburb last Friday afternoon after an enraged woman detained her husband and his lover in a car following an infidelity burst up.

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Garikai Masvaure

When The Weekender arrived at the scene, Garikai Masvaure and his girlfriend – only identified as Peace – were caged in the vehicle with nowhere to go. They shied away from the camera lenses with Masvaure using a blue work suit jacket to cover his face, while Peace used a white drying towel to cover the same.

Masvaure’s wife refuses to budge as she sits on the car bonnet after locking up her husband Garikai and her lover Peace inside the car

His enraged wife, Mai Masvaure sat on the bonnet of his car crying bitterly. She shouted at the two lovebirds, telling her husband to kill her if it was his wish than to humiliate her with his mistress. “I have had enough of this man and his promiscuous ways. I will not take it anymore and it should end here today now. He should just run me over with his car and kill me,” she said.

“Why would a normal husband beat his wife over a girlfriend? “This woman broke my marriage and now she wants my husband to assault me. I am not getting off this bonnet. Let him run over me with his car.”

An unidentified neighbour convinces Masvaure’s wife to get off the bonnet

The situation was later calmed by neighbours who restrained Masvaure and escorted her into the house. She only agreed to go into the house upon grabbing the car keys from her husband. A neighbour who chose not to be identified said Masvaure had long deserted his wife and children and was now staying with Peace in the same neighbourhood.

She said on the day in question, concerned neighbours confronted Peace and questioned her on why she was breaking Mai Masvaure’s marriage.

However, Peace got pissed off and she disclosed the encounter to her boyfriend who then confronted his wife over the issue. “With rage Masvaure came and assaulted his wife accusing her of beating up his girlfriend. In an instant all hell broke loose,” said the neighbour.

Repeated efforts to get comments from Masvaure and Peace were fruitless at the time of going to print.

Source-Manica Post