LET me express my disappointment over the alarming increase in the number of se=x workers around the City of Harare, which is attributed to the prevailing economic turmoil.

During our teen years, we got to know about the Avenues as the only red light zone and little did we know se-x work would soon find its way into the community and have some regard it as a profession.

The way these girls are inevitably invading open spaces for cheap s-ex work is becoming a menace in the city.

In broad daylight, one can come across people engaging in se.x work openly, especially the area that stretches from the Simon Mazorodze Road flyover to the Lytton industrial area along railway/Lytton Road.

 In Hatfield, the se;x workers have invaded an open space which is close to a shopping centre.

In Epworth, the Buster area has developed to be a permanent prostitution zone. Also, kwaAntony, in Hopley, has become a hub for se;x work.

As any normal person, we would be afraid if the economy continues on the freefall path.

Tendai Guvamombe