A Warren Park 1 family yesterday woke up to the horrific visit of a 6 metre long python, found underneath their sink.

Onai Tafirenyika, 50, who is ‘mother of the house’ said their dog had spent the whole night barking which was strange and when they woke up they discovered the snake.

“During the whole night, we heard our dog barking continuously. So at around 6 in the morning I woke up and went to our back yard sink that’s when I saw the python. But at first I thought it was a mere sack which fell inside as people did their laundry,” she said. Paul Tafirenyika, 63, who is a designer and pattern maker by profession was quick to dismiss word making rounds that it was a case of witchcraft. “I never thought I would wake up to a snake in my backyard. We all came to know of the reptile in the morning after our dog spent the whole night barking. I don’t know what it was looking for and I can’t say ndeyemunhu nekuti ndozobvunzwa kuti wamurikufungidzira wacho ndiani? I am a devoted Christian, I go to the Salvation Army and I don’t practice witchcraft. I am just happy God kept us safe and no one was attacked by the snake. I don’t suspect anyone. Kana iri yemunhu kana yaMwari mhuri yangu nevazukuru vangu pamwe ndovayanga yakananga, vese vararamiswa, “he said.

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Some of the neighbors accused the family of owning the python and suggested it had vomited cash before they let authorities recover it. Responding to the claims, Tafirenyika Tafirenyika the family’s oldest son scoffed at the rumours. “We live an ordinary life here, my car is even broken down, I don’t even have money to fix it, so if I owned a snake that brings money wouldn’t I be driving a better car,’ he said. His father added: “If this was my snake I wouldn’t have wasted my time reporting the case to the police. My other son Kudakwashe even used his car to bring the police here. Let them say whatever they want but me and my family we are not bothered”.


Naison Tamangani, 39, a close neighbor said the python might have come from the nearby bush considering the marks that it left on the security wall and road. Source-H Metro