Tinashe Zisengwe

Age is just a number!

This might be true for a 72 year old Chipinge man who was in the habit of abusing her niece fondling her breasts and private parts daily.

Prosecuting Gift Bikita said sometime in June last year Fixion Chihoo of Nhachi Village under Chief Muusha the minor wanted to go out of the kitchen, he blocked the minor and started fondling her breasts.

On another occasion in the same month Chihoo found his niece preparing sadza in the very same room and started fondling her breasts with both hands and inserted his hand in her privates.

He then asked the complainant to remove her pant but she refused to comply.

The following day Chihoo then dropped a love letter into the fowl run and communicated with his niece who later informed her grandmother about all the abuse events.

The letter reads, “kune mudiwa wangu. Ngatisangane manheru mutoilet tizosangana imomo. Usatya mbuya havazvioni havachanyatsoona nekunzwa. Zvese zvaunoda ndichakutengera.”

Local Magistrate Poterai Gwezhira deferred the matter to a later date for trial.