7 Zimbabweans were shot and injured and 1 died the injured 7 are at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Joburg.

Police were called to an incident where a number of people were shot.

 On arrival members learnt that a Zimbabwean band was performing inside the Hillbrow theatre.

While the show was on at about 02h15 a Zimbabwean  male suddenly appeared on the stage and shouted that his cell-phone was missing and he demands it back before the show can continue.

 After getting no response from the crowd he fired shots at random into the crowd killing one male and injuring nine others of which one was a female.

Paramedics were summoned and attended to the injured. They certified the one male deceased.

The injured were taken to Joburg Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.

The suspect fled the scene and has SINCE BEEN ARRESTED. agencies